Silverwaterhotel Events


Silverwater Hotel is the place to enjoy live music EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!

Join us from 7pm every day & soak up the incredible sounds of local talented artists performing live in the Bistro through dinner service.

JUNE 2024 

Saturday 8th June Nick Marcus
Sunday 9th June Jordan Dibou
Monday 10th June Micheal Samuel
Tuesday 11th June Jasmine O’Brien
Wednesday 12th June Jordyn Richards
Thursday 13th June Richie Branco
Friday 14th June Mason Rutzou
Saturday 15th June BOUKABOU
Sunday 16th June Alyssa Cavaleri
Monday 17th June Tommy Francisco
Tuesday 18th June David Craig
Wednesday 19th June Jordan Dibou
Thursday 20th June Jordyn Richards
Friday 21st June Brant Donlan
Saturday 22nd June Olivia Dennis
Sunday 23rd June Michael Samuel
Monday 24th June Jordan Dibou
Tuesday 25th June Richie Branco
Wednesday 26th June Charlie Owen
Thursday 27th June Alyssa Cavaleri
Friday 28th June Tommy Francisco
Saturday 29th June Cody Luke
Sunday 30th June Sonali Esha
Event Details
When: 7pm - 9pm
Where: 214 Silverwater Rd, Silverwater NSW 2128

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